Thursday, January 01, 2009

I lied

Not only did I stay up till midnight, I didn't lay my head on the pillow until a little after 1 AM.  A time of day/night I haven't seen since forever.  Two families joined us, and all the kids got along, which allowed for much eating, talking and drinking by the adults.  This champagne glass was given to us, as part of a set, for our wedding almost ten years ago.  I don't think it's been used since.

I walked the dog at about 12:40 AM and didn't really think about the fact that I was outside, after midnight, walking alone until I was a few blocks away.  As for protection, Basie was a total wuss.  There were lots of fireworks going off and she cowered and literally turned around - telling me that she was not going to have any part of the festivities.  I met some neighbors on the walk.  I will venture a guess that this couple was WAY more entertaining last night due to many scotches.  

We need to remember, for next New Year's Eve, not to let Ella stay up.  She has been a complete puddle all day - whining, snotty and completely out of sorts.  Hoping she sleeps till noon tomorrow.  

Happy 2009!  Cross your fingers that it is full of happiness.

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My Life My Life My Life said...

Well that was a good lie...anytime there is laughter, talking and eating...especially eating...well, its always good.

I really love this picture.