Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow day

I have been in a terrible mood for a few days now - it really doesn't mix with the whole Christmas spirit thing.  I wouldn't care, but I have kids - little kids who CANNOT wait till December 25th.  Today was the first day of their holiday break.  They'll be home for two whole weeks which means that I will not be on holiday break.  I took the kids, and some friends, sledding.  I wasn't really looking forward to it, but knew it would be much appreciated.

I was right.  Basie ran like crazy for two whole hours.  I think she went up and down the hill about 50 times at full speed.  The kids separated into two camps - the avid sledders and the fort builders.  It was so fun to watch them laughing.  I actually forgot about all the stuff that's been bugging me lately.  It was like I was on an island - an emotional winter wonderland!

I don't have photos because a large storm was expected and I didn't want my camera to get wet, but I wish I had risked it.  Ella tried snowboarding on her friend's board.  She did great.  The mom of this friend started the snowboarding lessons program up at a resort in Park City three years ago.  She is a great teacher - she had Ella going down the hill immediately.  She fell.  Everyone who snowboards falls, but she got back up and kept on going.  

I'm so glad that my kids get to grow up here.  The opportunities for experiencing wonderful things are endless.  All it needs are more lakes.  Without salt.


blackbird said...

I'm always a little envious of your locale - I cannot imagine how lovely it must be to live where you do and I'm pleased that you never seem to take it for granted.

My Life My Life My Life said...

I think a lot of going people are going through the feelings you speak of here...I'm one of them. I dont have little ones but they can always tell when I'm not....right...Luckily it comes and goes.

Merry Christmas!

Cat said...

That sounds like so much fun!! I never take advantage of the snow here and always regret it every spring

I hope you had a wonderful holiday