Thursday, March 06, 2008

Florida pics

When we first arrived and walked into my dad's condo, I noticed a large "something" across the pond out his back door.  I joked that it was an alligator assuming it was a log.  Of course logs don't just fall onto golf courses from palm trees, so we looked closer.  It was indeed an alligator that was about 8 - 9 feet long.
Ella definitely has gotten over her fears of swimming independently.

Harry - my wonderful boy who still refuses to pose for any and all pictures - was much too busy collecting each of the 70 billion "noodles" that were all over the pool.

Not the best shot, but I wanted to capture this moment.  The day after we arrived, February 18th, was my mom's birthday.  We decided to celebrate anyway.  Ella decorated the condo with streamers and balloons (which my dad didn't seem to mind for a minute) and then we bought cupcakes, candles and even sang.  It was pretty sweet.

Ella style.  This was what she chose to wear to our first dinner at my dad's clubhouse.  I just told her that we needed to dress up a bit.  She loves to pose!

Here is a close up of the alligator.  I may have learned how to post photos, but I do not know how to arrange them in a chosen order yet!


Anonymous said...

See Here or Here

blackbird said...

Your children are just beautiful.

I can't BELIEVE that alligator.

TBG said...

Oh goodness that is one big alligator.

I love Ella's Style.

Oh my goodness in that first picture she looks like she is 10 years old.

mamalife said...

Yep. An Alligator :)

Elizabeth said...

don't click on anything from tenos. s/he is trying to infect your blog and your readers. took me 10 minutes to get out of the loop for supposed anti virus scanning--a hoax i am sure.

Nancy said...

I thought that picture of your Harrison by the birthday candles was a picture of your stepson at first . . . serious resemblance!

Kbreints said...

oh my looks at that alligator! Your kids are adorable.. I love the hsot of ella looking at the bday cake!