Friday, August 17, 2007

More Ellastyle

She picked out the bike for her birthday this past April. The helmet was a "must-have" she found last fall.
The outfit was put together the morning this was taken last week.

The girl has definite opinions.
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jonniker said...

My favorite part is the baby dangling off of the backpack.

TBG said...

I love the baby doll hanging off her backpack. Cracks me up!

I also love her bike and helmet so very ella! That girl has style!

Anonymous said...

and it ALL works...LOVE IT!

tell that a "lady bug" bell on her bike? or am i just wishing that is what it is?


Di said...

Just wondering if that man's leg in the background is her "baby Daddy?"

Oh...and if you ever need to reinforce the need to wear sneakers (as opposed to flip flops or bare feet) on a bike or scooter, just let me know and I will send you "Dawn of the Dead" pictures of my son's toes after his bare foot encounter with a gravel driveway. Ugh!