Wednesday, August 08, 2007

If I write this stuff down, I'm more likely to do it.

I was just reading a post about a person who is in a relationship that is going nowhere. He’s with someone who is already involved and was cautious to write about it because it’s a difficult subject – especially because he doesn’t feel guilty about it. So instead of writing about it in his blog, he posted photos for awhile.

I do that. All the time.

No, I’m not having an affair, but I definitely have found it harder and harder to write about the “important” things in life. I tend to think that certain subjects would make a great post, but if the computer is not at home (we all use Chris’ work computer which is only around at night) then I tend to blow off the thought. Or I'll overanalyze and wonder if I'll be judged on what I'm thinking of writing about. Photos get posted instead so that the one or two of you left reading this blog won’t get too bored.

I don’t particularly like to write, but I do like recording things that go on in our life so I’m making a goal. One of many.

Goal #1: Write more often. I’ll try not to overanalyze everything to the point that I don’t write at all. This blog is supposed to me for me – so why do I care?

The rest of my goals have nothing to do with my blog.

Goal #2: Exercise more than 4 days a week, but incorporate strength training.

Goal #3: Eat less. I’m 43 years old. You’d think I could figure this one out by now. When you eat whatever you want – you get fat.

Goal #4: Stay organized. I’m trying daily to get more organized. It’s pretty simple during the summer when I’m home, but next Monday I go back to work full time. I don’t want life to take over.

Goal #5: Have more sex. No, I'm not going to elaborate on this one.

That’s it in a nutshell. I feel like life is going pretty well right now. I want to be proactive and I have found that if I feel happy about myself (ie. Positive body image) then those around me will be happier. It’s simple in theory, now I just need to follow through!


TBG said...

Well good luck on your goals. I agree right now I am not posting any content of substance I have some things I need to share just not there yet. Damn It!

blackbird said...

Good goals -
but, don't forget, we all get writer's block...

mamalife said...

A lot of those goals are mine also. And I fail miserably on them, esp. the exercising enough and not eating so much. Oh. And the sex one also. Fail at that too. No one will judge you for what you write. You are an awesome, amazing, beautiful woman.

Rachel said...

I totally understand what you're saying about not writing--and I'm not even posting photos!

But I like your goals and I'm going to try them for myself. I've been wanting to get myself to walk to work all summer long. And wow, I can find an excuse every single day. It's really amazing.

Meg said...

I love when you write, you ALWAYS make me laugh! I think I have had goals 2 - 5 for many years - I'll keep trying too!

Di said...

Please keep us posted on #5...I don't know a single woman (well, OK, I do know one anomaly) in "our" age group who does not have issues in this area. Where to find the time? Wanting to, but bored with whom they are supposed to have it. Etc.

Julia said...

I LOVE pictures - keep it up! of course I love reading blogs also but nice pictures are always a plus : )