Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A vacation...not a trip

View of Napa Valley from Rutherford Hills Winery

Often, after traveling with the kids, I'll return from time away more exhausted than when I left. A good friend of mine in Green Bay told me early on..."You need to rearrange your thinking - you're not going on a vacation - it's just a trip." So I would drag car seats, diapers, toys, etc. all over the country and swear a lot, but at least I got away.

I have not felt this way this time. I desperately miss my kids. Worry that they are not having fun, or that their routine is getting so screwed up I'll never get it back, but not enough to go home. Chris and I are having a great time. We began by driving acrross the surface of the moon (some call it Nevada) and then landed in Lake Tahoe for the night. (I NEED to own a cottage there.) Sunday we came to Napa. (I NEED to own a villa here.) And now we're heading for San Francisco. We have reservations for two nights and then we'll see how we feel. I think we may stay a third night there and then head back to Truckee, CA for another night. We brought our road bikes and found some great routes that we want to try.

I can see why people like vacations. This is really cool.
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Kbreints said...

Good for you! I am sure the kids are fine... I always worry and then find out that they did ont even ask for me!

mamalife said...

Have a great time... your kids will survive the disruption in routine. Mine just spent 3 days of no naps and staying up 2 hours past her normal bedtime, but fell back into her normal routine without a fuss as soon as we arrived home.

Aimee said...

Have fun! Tahoe, SF, and Napa are all FABULOUS.

I'm sure the kids are doing good. :)

TBG said...

I am so glad you guys are enjoying your vacation and each other!

Your kids and their routines will be fine when you get back.