Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pacific Heights, San Francisco

I don't understand why life can't be like a great vacation. During our trip there was a minimal amount of conflict. I think we slightly raised our voices one day over which road to take when we got lost in the Napa Valley. (Do not snicker - it can be done.) However, the minute we drove into the driveway (and I saw that "someone" had moved my rose bush in 100+ degree weather during a drought in a desert climate) the stress and conflict began. He went back to work - I went back to full time parenting - and the drama we call "life" began all in an instant.

There must be a way to achieve balance. I wonder if this is normal. Was I really that naive to think that this wouldn't happen?

I guess so.
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mamalife said...

I hear ya. Not to mention the fact that someone else makes your bed and cleans up your dirty towels off the floor, magically replacing them with clean ones. Vacations are wonderful. Re-entering reality sucks!

Psycho Kitty said...


Kbreints said...

That Damn Reality... man I wish everyday was a vacation! If only I were independantly wealthy!