Sunday, June 24, 2007

Practiced baseball at a park up out of the heat in Park City.

Ella at the same park.

My attempt to be artsy at the park

I think it looks pretty great so far!
We also went to one of Harrison's baseball games and had dinner with a great couple and their kids. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera to capture the hilarious attempts to maneuver a Slip 'N Slide for the first time or Harry's two amazing hits.
I also finally planted my pots for the new porch (so I could take photos and show that off), but it's been so hot that over half my flowers have died. I planted them anyway and will give them a chance to come back. I watered them four times today to make up for missing yesterday. Now I'll probably kill them with too much attention!
Feels like this post is a laundry list, but this is all I have in me right now.
Looking forward to the end of the week. My in-laws are driving out from Wisconsin later this week.  My in-laws are keeping the kids next week so that we can go on our first overnight trip for four years. We're heading to Napa and San Francisco. It's hard to even imagine that much time away from the kids.
I'm sure I'll manage.


blackbird said...

I'm very excited that you are getting away -
and the progress on the bathroom looks great!

Dee said...

Wow - things are busy. Enjoy!!!

Kbreints said...

Enjoy your time away- Everyone needs that at LEAST every 4 years!

mamalife said...

I would manage also. Have a great time, you deserve it!

TBG said...

Have a fabulous time away with your husband! You guys deserve it!