Thursday, June 21, 2007

Photos from my trip to the Como Zoo and Conservatory

It started with illness. I was feeling flu-ish and icky. That turned into strep throat. This often happens after I've finished the school year - as if my body knows that I don't have to get up and go anywhere official. Unfortunately I did have to go places. I had about four days to get ready for a trip to Minnesota with the kids. About 9:30 PM, the night before my 7:00 AM flight, I was able to stand and pack. I managed not to forget too many things in spite of my foggy, doped-up state!
It took about 36 hours on antibiotics and I was able to walk around the Mall of America four times without collapsing. This is quite a feat completely healthy - that place is enormous. My brother took some time off and he, and his three kids, galavanted around the Twin Cities with us for four days. It was really great to do a bunch of touristy things that I usually don't have time for.
Chris joined us for the weekend and my brother took the kids for an overnight. First time my kids have been away from us since Ella was 14 months old. Long overdue.
Harrison and Ella are still exhausted from trying to keep up with their three cousins. Even though we did lots of activities, I think their favorite thing was running in my dad's backyard. I so miss having a large yard.
Much more to write about, but apparently I promised to take the kids to the park "first thing" and it's a little past that right now.

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blackbird said...

That statue is breathtaking...

Finding My New Normal said...

Aw. You were here and I didn't know it. Gorgeous photos. Hope you feel better!

Sharkey said...

Oh man, I'm so envious that you were in MN! I don't think we're going to make it back this summer--not even for the Fair. How will I survive an entire year without cheese curds?!?!?? :)

Your photos are gorgeous--glad you guys had a good time!