Sunday, May 20, 2007

I appear to be having such a great time at my soccer game, but....

you should HEAR my excuses for getting out of this game! Two used yesterday..."I poked myself in the eye and I can't run." "I know I refuse to wear my shin guards, but I just got kicked and it really hurt!"

I'm not sure soccer is my game.
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aka_Meritt said...

ROTFL... she is a carbon copy of my little Coffeegirl. When she was 4 she wanted to be in soccer like her brother and sister.

Only we had to put her hair up in a pony with beautiful ringlets before the game.

And during the game she saw fit to run off the field, throw herself onto my lap and announce she was 'oh so hot and tired' and she would just rest a little bit.


The parents chuckled, the ref waited patiently for the game to continue and I shoo'd her back in the game.

We didn't go out for soccer that next year. And she was ok with that!

Anonymous said...

Whatta cutie pie.