Thursday, March 02, 2006

New rule: No balls in the house

Harrison seemed a little tired on the way home from an errand last weekend. I took off his seatbelt, but couldn't carry him in (due to the GIGANTIC hole cut out of my back) so I brought some things inside and then came back out to find this.

I'm posting this picture to remind me of his positive qualities. Yesterday he pulled a Dennis the Menace. He was goofing around with a little nerf-type ball in the living room. I asked him to take it downstairs, but he wasn't exactly compliant. "Just a second, Mom..." then I heard a crash. A loud crash. The kind that sounds like something extremely delicate has been broken. Actually it was more like LOTs of somethings extremely delicate were broken.

As we ran out of the kitchen, I went left to check on my grandmother's china set that sits in a glass curio cabinet, while Chris headed right. There it was - shards of mirror everywhere. The very large mirror that sat on our fireplace mantel was now on the floor in a million pieces. Harrison was crying and apologizing. He knew it was bad.

He was so upset that it was hard to get too upset with him. I was actually pretty calm about the whole thing. Chris, on the other hand, got the lovely task of vacuuming. It took about 30 minutes to get everything up...there were mirror shards over 15 feet from the scene of the crime.
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