Monday, October 06, 2008

Just a little tidbit I don't want to forget

The kids are at such a fun age. They actually have great senses of humor and can understand (and sometimes even appreciate) my sarcasm. Today after school, we went shoe shopping. Ella has outgrown everything except her sandals and suddenly the weather has turned blustery and cold. She was having a hard time picking out which shoes she liked the most. It was starting to drive me nuts and then Harry somehow got involved. Here's a quick recap of the conversation that followed:

Me: You two are doorknobs. (my favorite expression for everyone. Clever? no. Creative? yes. Non-sensical? absolutely.)

Harry: If we were "doorknobs" we wouldn't know anything.

Ella: yeah! that 5+5=10. The only things "doorknobs" know is how to turn.

We all cracked up. It was so fun to see them realizing that they could be funny.


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Nicole said...

too funny! Oh my gosh I have not seen or spoke to you in way too long and I miss you! Can we please get together?