Friday, February 22, 2008

More from paradise

I still don't know how to post pictures.  I didn't have time to call my consultant as I was too busy finding a hotel room in Charlotte, NC and a rental car in Fort Lauderdale.  Why?  Why would I be wasting vacation time on this when I have the breeze blowing the palm trees around me?  Because my husband was stuck in Cincinnati in an ice storm.  He missed his connection to Fort Myers by approximately 6 minutes.  They told him he couldn't get out of Charlotte until tonight so he found a flight to Fort Lauderdale.  After all the work he's been doing since we've arrived, I think he'll have about 30 hours of fun before he has to get back on another plane to go home.  If he says, "I never should have come, " one more time, I think I'll strangle him.  

I plan to make these 30 hours as fun as they can be.  We're going to the beach (he never did get there the other day), we're drinking lots of alcohol and we're taking a catamaran ride with Jonna and her husband (I hope - if I can get them away from their packing!)  Met up with Jonna yesterday for lunch.  She was subjected to my kids whining about being bored and my dad crooning about John McCain.  It was quite fascinating for her, I'm sure.  With all these other "people" around, I really didn't get to talk to her.  

The gang, sans Jonna, headed to the beach and I had to listen to my dad go on and on about how wonderful she is.  "She is so nice.  So level headed and confident.  You can tell she has a good head on her shoulders.  Where is she from again?  How do you say her name again?  Did I tell you she's so NICE."

Forget it Dad, she's already married.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck, may the force be with you coming home to SLC!

Looking forward to pictures....