Sunday, January 13, 2008

Who moved my cheese?

This is the little daughter of a family who joined us at the last minute for Thanksgiving. Her parents moved to Madison, WI from Utah about 10 months ago. This picture proves that Packer loyalty starts fast and young. Ella is trying to tempt her with a typical baby toy, but she will not give up her cheesehead.

I guess I should have known that life would be a tad different when I married a Green Bay, WI native. You see, they have this thing about football. It consumes them. Even the people who claim not to get "into it" too much, still have a loyalty to the Green Bay Packers that seems to be unlike any other sports franchise fan.

My husband claims to be one of these low-key fans, the type of guy who watches occasionally and doesn't "really" care, yet he is currently not spending this lovely Sunday morning with his children and his wife. No, he's nursing a hangover back in Green Bay. He spent yesterday in a cold stadium, with the snow falling hard, in the middle of January to watch a football game. (I guess they won a big playoff game.) He, and his two brothers who live here, and a neighbor, and a guy and his wife Chris met through work, AND a friend they picked up on their layover in Denver all trekked back to the midwest for this.

I secretly am jealous that I'm not a part of the Packer cult, but would never admit that in front of my in-laws. They think I'm Purple and Gold through and through. The rivalry has been going on for so long, I just don't want to stop the fun.

I'm making due this weekend, though. The kids and I were invited for dinner, at friend's, on Friday night. Yesterday we entertained the wife and daughter of the neighbor who also went on the trip. We tried to show our loyalty to the lovely state of Wisconsin by consuming some beer. It was difficult, but we muddled through. Today we're skiing and dining with friend's again. He'll be home tomorrow night -so I guess I can handle it! In fact, I'm really glad he's having fun. It's amazing how people, and marriages, mature if you wait long enough. If he had left for this trip five years ago, I would have been resentful the whole time that I was "alone" with the kids. Now I'm genuinely glad that he's with family and enjoying himself.

I'm so great.


Sharkey said...

At least your husband has an excus--er, REASON for being a Packer fan. My husband grew up in New Jersey, for crying out loud! Last night we were out to dinner when the game was on, and thankfully we sat where he couldn't see the screen (I could, so gave him scoring updates). Otherwise, he might not have talked to me the entire time!

I had cheddar ale soup as part of my meal--maybe that helped them win? "Cheddar ale" cracks me up--we Midwesterners know it's plain old beer cheese. :)

Ree said...

Yay you!

Kbreints said...

Oh we are Packer Fans at our house! That game was amazing-- and Yes, you are great!

Life Junkie said...

My husband and I lived in Madison from '94-'99 and adopted the Packers then. I remember freezing my you-know-what off in our neighbor's garage while we tailgated and drank frozen bloody marys! Good times!

Meg said...

I'm still baffled!!!!!! Did you say you would like to be part of that Packer Cult????? UGH!!!! I'm not sure I can even mention this to my MN VIKINGS-SEASON-TICKET-HOLDER-HUSBAND! UGH!!!!!!

Kate said...

Delurking to say I can totally relate to your secret desire to be part of the Packer cult. I was raised in Illinois (by avid Bears fans) and when I first moved to Wisconsin I swore I would never root for the Pack. But, then I went to my first game at Lambeau and as they say, the rest was history. The energy in that stadium is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. And it is that way Every. Single. Game. If you ever have the opportunity I would suggest going, you know, just for curiosity sake. Just don’t go when they are playing the Vikings :)