Wednesday, December 12, 2007


One of the perks of Chris' new job is that we now have access to 3,000 acres of land in the Uinta Mountains about 40 minutes from our doorstep. It has a stream, lots of varied elevations, one building (a yurt) and plenty of wildlife.

Harry has really become interested in "off-roading" and asked if we could go, not even knowing exactly what it was - or realizing that our 22-year old bare-bones Range Rover might not be able to take the beating. A few weeks ago, and about 15" of snow ago, we took the kids up to the land and drove all over the land on the ranch road. The kids squealed and were thrilled to be bouncing around in the back seat.

As we entered the land, outside the fence, I noticed a baby deer. I couldn't help but notice him - look at those ears! In the midwest, we have white-tailed deer, but out here they are mule deer. I now understand the difference. He just sat and stared at me, waiting for his mother just as she told him, I'm sure.

During our "thrilling" and adventurous drive, we counted about 40 mule deer. It became a contest to see who could find another one. As the sun was setting, it became to difficult to discern them in the brush and we talked of returning when the snow fell. We would love to take our snow shoes up here and find the elk herd and the moose that also live on the land.

That is, after they put a bathroom in the yurt.


blackbird said...

- WAIT, you HAVE a 20 year old Rover?

am squidgy with envy...

Kbreints said...

gorgeous! glad your back to posting!