Sunday, March 25, 2007

Birthday "swumming"

Ella is picking up the Utah accent faster than I can blink. It's driving me crazy. If she insists on having an accent, then I want it to be from the Midwest - I want her to say kaaahn-kreet (that stuff that sidewalks are made of) with strong confidence. I do NOT want her saying "Brigh-in" instead of "Brighton" or "moun-in" for "mountain." I especially hate "swum" instead of "swim." We've worked on it over and over. She cannot correct these misspeaks!

Today was Ella's birthday party at a local indoor pool. She is turning five on April 3rd. I will not be here. That makes two more things that will not make me mother-of-the-year. First, was forgetting the candles for her cake today. Second, will be flying to Florida to spend time with my dad over her birthday. I have Spring Break that week, and the kids don't, so I found a flight that keeps me there over her birthday. In my frugal madness to find the best deal, I didn't even notice the dates.

She is so laid back, and concerned about others, that she's already assured me that it will be okay. She's really excited that she'll be receiving a long distance call from me.

Birthday parties are so much work. The tension this morning got pretty thick. We almost didn't get everything done because I insisted on having a party game. "Pin the wings on Tinkerbell." Chris is a great sketcher. He can draw anything. Tinkerbell, however, turned out to be a challenge. She came out looking...well, a bit evil. Chris even noticed, after we had her hanging on the wall, and said, "Why do I always do that?"

Ella invited a bunch of kids from her preschool class. They had so much fun - they just love each other. I guess that's what it's all about.
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sharkey said...

What other way is there to pronounce "concrete"? Your pronunciation sounds just fine to me (though I usually call it cement). :) The real test is whether she says 'soda' (or so-o-o-da as any good Minnesotan would say) or 'pop'.

Ella's getting so big! Glad she had fun at her party, even though it was stressful for you.

Happy early birthday, Miss E!

Irene said...

that is really what it's all about.

Happy Birthday sweet Ella (we almost share the same birthday, I was born on April 2nd!)?

C. said...

show us evil tinkerbell!

I'm with Sharkey, I don't know another way to pronounce concrete. But as a midwesterner planted in the east now, I fight a daily battle to insist on 'pop' instead of 'soda' and a 'cart' instead of a 'buggy'.

Jenn said...

Hmm, I'm from the midwest (Michigan) and I've always said "moun-in" and "Clin-un" (Bill Clinton). I don't think it's necessarily a Utah thing, I think it's speaking lazily.

There's this girl on "The Hills" on MTV who's blond and gorgeous and only 22 or so, but she enunciates so clearly (and never says things like "gonna") it's like she's from another planet. Her parents must have taught her right...

Suzanne said...

I feel your pain...we just moved to SC from Ohio in January and my 3 (almost 4) year old sounds like she was born will be the death of me