Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In the last week...

... my internet has been inaccessible due to a number of reasons which has kept me from posting and has kept me from reading. throat has become sore and swollen. I have searing pains when I cough and occasionally when I swallow. A low grade fever overcomes me off and on most days. Since I put in my resignation, I am not allowed to take any sick days. has gone into overdrive. I have five days left and I highly doubt I will finish everything I need to.

...Harrison won the "Fish" award at school. We don't know what it's for, or how he won it, but his name was announced over the P.A. and he came home with a large super ball. We think it has to do with helping out another student. Have I mentioned that Harrison is not my verbal child?

...we received information about the Kindergarten programming that Ella is in at her Montessori. She is in a 3-4-and 5-year old classroom. I truly think that her teachers think she is five, instead of four. I'm thinking I'll just let this go and see how she does in her "accelerated" environment.

...Harry got into a bit of an altercation at school (in my UNFAVORITE after care program) and the worker wrote a discipline report on him. The next day he got scratched between the eyes by another boy and the scabs are still here six days later. No discipline report was filed on this boy. I cannot wait to get him out of there!

...Harry has decided to be a pirate for Halloween and Ella wants to be a witch, "..but I don't want to wear the hat,'s really annoying."

...I still can't figure out how to download some of my pictures back into my computer since it had to be completely erased a few weeks ago. I will probably have time this weekend, but wonder if I should bother since I have to give back my computer next Wednesday. dad has been noticed by a "hottie" (yes, he used this word) at church, but he's not sure he wants to pursue her or not. "Carol - she's really into the Twins, and I just can't understand that. Who likes baseball?"

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Anonymous said...

I love your Dad!
Hang in there. You are almost home...literally. :)