Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mommie Dearest

No coat hangers were used in the child rearing of my two children today, but I sure thought about it. Chalk today up as bad. That's as creative as my vocabulary can get. My throat is sore. Literally. From yelling.

It's dark outside. Chris is quietly reading them to sleep and I'm exhausted. Suddenly I feel better. Oh yeah - THEY'RE NOT TALKING, or fighting or teasing.

I spent the day trying to get some last minute cleaning and organizing done, for the arrival of our houseguest, in between the constant poor behavior of a certain pair of young blonds. My dad arrives tomorrow late morning for two weeks. (At this point, I feel the need to remind anyone who cares that we only have one bathroom.)

In the morning I have my permanent crown put on my tooth, and then pick up my dad.  My two youngest will be in a three-hour art/music workshop.  I don't remember thinking that having painful dental work done during this time was a great idea.

The planning and cleaning have been hard, but now the really difficult stuff begins. How do I keep my dad occupied and unfrettered? He doesn't really like kids. Good thing we only have two

UPDATE - Thurs. 8:40 AM: Amazing what a little rest and a great spinning class can do to a person. I feel much better and more patient. Can't WAIT to see my dad!!!!

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