Tuesday, April 11, 2006

We are hanging on desperately waiting for Spring to fully bloom and for Summer to arrive. The grass is green and the tulips buds are forming, but heavy snow fell as recently as last Thursday. Our weeks are beginning to become a project in resilience.

Soccer has begun for both kids – two games each Saturday. This is Harrison’s third “season” and he finally seems to be finding it agreeable. Ella has played twice and does pretty well, but thinks that playing “Ring Around the Rosie” with her teammates is much more fun.

Sundays are for skiing. We only have one more week before most of the resorts close.  This means that Easter is close and I need to plan a dinner.

Ella’s birthday party was a huge success and Harry is anxiously waiting to pick out his cake for his party next month (he currently wants a cake with a golfer on it – no, not in honor of Phil Mickelson’s win, but because he knows Opa (my dad) loves to play golf.)

Last Friday was my high school’s prom. Our school is so small and intimate that it was fun to see everyone dressed up. Unlike most traditional proms when cliques form on the outer edges of the room, and no one wants to risk dancing in front of their peers, our prom was amazing. We had a wonderful sit down dinner, in a beautiful room overlooking the entire Salt Lake Valley, before the music started. Once the plates were cleared, the volume went up and the kids flooded the dance floor. All of them. It was really fun.

Chris and I have made some big goals lately. One, we have started Weight Watchers – AGAIN for me. During early winter, I decided not to care about the eight months of hard work it took to lose 24 pounds (and maintain that loss) last year and gained it all back fairly quickly. It was kind of like the icing on the cake after the loss of my mom. I have been back in the saddle for about three weeks and am losing much more slowly this time. I’m sure my body is freaking out. On top of the changes in our eating, we have decided to train for a half marathon. It’s a distance I’ve run before – ONCE about nine years ago– but regardless it seems somewhat attainable. The race is on June 3rd, but I will be running the Susan Komen Race for the Cure before that. Last year I wore a paper on my back that honored my mom and her struggle with breast cancer. This year I will get a special one, again with her name, but in honor of her death. It makes me tear up to even think about it. I can’t even imagine running amongst all the other people who will be running in honor of their mothers, sisters and aunts. Although it will be hard, I feel a need to be there.

So we will muddle through the end of the school year. The weeks will hopefully pass quickly and we can get to summer. I cannot wait.

(Now remind me of that last paragraph when I’m bitching about being with the kids day and night in late June!)

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