Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Warning: lots of personal health info ahead

a beautiful bouquet given to me by a dear friend last weekend

The round of doctor visits over the last month is almost complete:

- Annual physical with pap smear. Normal results. Check.

- Mammogram. Normal results. Check

- Follow up MRI. Spots on frontal lobe have not grown. Check. (facial numbness still around, but I’m trying not to worry about it)

- Dermatology appointment due to weird looking mole on back found during physical…mole biopsied…mole came back as “atypical nevi”. This basically means that it is benign, but not normal. From what I have read, I just have to be more careful and go to the dermatologist yearly. I have a higher likelihood of acquiring melanoma. They want to “excise” it on Friday. It’s supposed to take an hour. (Why the hell does it take that long to remove a mole???? I think it’s a ploy to scare the living daylights out of me so that I’ll wear sunscreen this summer.)

- After two weeks of dealing with unprofessional EAP representatives and unhelpful insurance people, I think I have found a great therapist. I have my first appointment tomorrow. This new counselor, “MT", nor any of the 7 or so other professionally recommended counselors, are covered on my insurance. After my experience with Bill, I don’t have the emotional energy to tell my story to many more people. I just want to be heard, by someone compassionate and intelligent, that has lots of experience and can guide me to some sort of recovery. Chris and I agree that this will be a good use of our limited funds.

- Somehow I lost a contact lens while I was wearing it. I have a call into the eye doctor.

- Cracked tooth (actually a part of the tooth is gone now!) due to eating stale candy heart last week. No appointment with dentist scheduled. Very afraid of dentists.

I hope next month is less medically exciting.

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